Magic Marauders

Yay we have an application.

This has spurred me not to be lazy and put up new bios :). Remember I won’t actaully be accepting till Tuesday but send me more apps pretty please :)

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Anonymous asked: "Hi! Are you open to face changes?"

Yes, sorry for the late reply, been a little busy

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Mary MacDonald||5th Year||Gryffindor||FC:Candice Accola||Open

  • Mary is everything a Gryffindor. Loyal and Brave, Mary is hardly ever scared
  • She seems to pass all her exams with little effort
  • She is very girly and is behind most of the parties at Hogwarts
  • Mary believes in true love although she hasn’t found it yet
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Marlene McKinnon||6th Year||Gryffindor||FC: Mila Kunis||Open

  • Marlene is the most well known girl in school
  • Having slept with most of the school she has quite the reputation
  • She couldn’t care less what people think about her
  • She is flirty and rebellious, but extremely loyal to her friends
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Emmeline Vance||6th Year||Ravenclaw||FC: Felicity Jones||Open

  • Emmeline is a quiet spoken, caring girl or at least thats what most people think
  • They don’t know that Emmeline has a bite, you really don’t want to get in her bad books
  • Being in Ravenclaw means Emmeline can whip up what ever charm she wants at the tip of a hat
  • She is very down to earth and refuse to put on an act
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Lily Evans||6th Year||Gryffindor||FC: Karen Gillan||Open

  • She’s studious but she still knows how to have fun
  • Her friends are the most important thing to her
  • She’s scared of what’s going to happen with the upcoming war
  • She’s the smartest in all her classes and because of this she gets on well with Remus

End Ship: Lily x James

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Remus Lupin||6th Year||Gryffindor||FC: Andrew Garfield||Open

  • Remus is the most down to earth of his friend and he will always be there to help you
  • He loves books, they help him escape from the hidden horror of his own life
  • Although the pranks the marauders are sometimes extreme, Remus always joins in
  • He has had a crush on Dorcas for a very long time, but he’s too scared to get close to her
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This RP will open on 30th August

I will start accepting characters on the 28th, but please send in your applications any time 

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Peter Pettigrew||6th Year||Gryffindor||FC: Jamie Bell||Open

  • The quietest of the marauders Peter is often overlooked
  • People don’t recognise how talented of a wizard Peter really is
  • He has a few friends in Slytherin much to the dislike of Sirius and James
  • He is hopeless at talking to girls
  • Wishes he could be more like his friends
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Sirius Black||6th Year||Gryffindor||FC: Ben Barnes||Open

  • Sirius plays up to the image that he is a heartbreaker
  • He never really has relationships, just girls he keeps around
  • He uses his charm to get out of trouble, and into it
  • Behind the charades, Sirius is broken, his family is a mess, and he’s extremely lonely
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